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Geertz Essay

  • Submitted by: kimera14
  • on September 3, 2013
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  * The Interpretation of culture(1973) his book

  * First anthropologist thought to be ‘post- structuralist’

  * He critiques Levi Strauss
-as a way of offering a post-structuralist anthropology
-all in all he critiques structuralism in anthro

  * Tristes tropiques (1995) The savage mind (La Perisee Savauge) (1962)
These are 2 of the readers that are written from Levi strauss and they are the texts which Greetz uses to critiques structuralism & levi strauss

  * ‘Acts, both speaking and behaving are spontaneous performances fed from underground springs’ (origin)
  * Nature of human behavior depends on historical content/ basic/ origin
This is the statement that Geertz used to critiques its author Levis strauss

  * Search not for men (source of disappointment in Tristes Tropiques) but for ‘man’
-Claimed that levis Strauss was not good at field workat all. So he never got to be interested in the everyday lives of savages . Therefore he generalized everything, forms of structure. Meaning that his research was not sufficient enough, rather it was ‘abstract’ because he was interested in theories of structure rather than everyday lives of savages as he never got to experience their lives.

MAN levi Strauss’s method


  * Geertz: That such investigation should have been launched from an anthropological base seems distinctly surprising. For anthropologists are always being tempted- as levi strauss once was- out of libraries and lecture halls…into the ‘field’

  * Reclaiming the importance of fieldwork

-Thick description
-Thnographic   method= Geertz’s answer to Levi Strauss mind

  * Symbolic/interpretive

  * Culture
-In explaining culture, they relate it to ideas of:
Semiotic   relating to signs , symbols, communication
A symbolic system
Webs of significance
  * Cultural analysis
=Not a science in search of Law (Levi strauss) but interpretation in search of meaning
-Anthropologist is...

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