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Gay Marriage Essay

  • Submitted by: dannydieguez
  • on February 26, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Perceiving to what the majority rule has for the legalization of gay marriage, the strength of that side is based on the ballot box. According to the Constitution, it has no specific right to marriage as people have viewed. That's where the ballot box comes in for people to vote and decide if gay marriage should be legal or not. If the majority of people believe that is the right thing to do then the public will be won over. The only weakness about this view would have to be that the majority rule does not work in the favor of gay couples. 
Viewing the State-by-State statements, people want to figure out if determining the legality of gay marriage should be continued to be argued and if it is appropriate. The weakness about this view is that the power is left for the states to decide because the Constitution is not authorized by the federal government of gay marriage. Meaning that each state has the power to decide on whether what their own policy will be as a state. Based on the Defense of Marriage Act, it gives each state the legal authority to approve or reject same-sex marriages. The strength about this resolves to federalism taking over to operate and letting the subsets of states get their way by their own people locally.
Reading the civil rights issue conveys only a positive side to all of it. The issue conveys to be considered as a civil right problem because of what America went through with the laws being outlawed to interracial marriage. The strength that helps this is considering this issue to be discriminatory towards gay couples just trying to live their lives as normal people. It trickles down to being said that gay marriage is a constitutional protected fundamental right that has no majority. Based on that no majority, it's either nationally or state-by-state.
The Defense of Marriage Act was   revisited in response to the allegation of it being unconstitutional under Article IV. It means that the Full Faith and Credit Clause falls under it....

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