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Gas Prices Essay

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1234 First St.
Los Angeles, CA 12345

September 19, 2012

John Doe
4321 Second St. 
Los Angeles, CA 54321 

Dear Senator Doe:

Our home state of California is in great hands with you, but there is one issue. This letter is to inform you of the costly gas prices here. Many Californians are complaining about this issue because this is a state where people need to drive often. Citizens cannot transport themselves if they do not have the money to buy gas.

Currently, the lowest gas prices in California are $3.75 per gallon. Most gas tanks in cars are only full at about 15 to 25 gallons. Even the smallest tanks take more than $50 to fill up. The Santa Monica Times reports that gas prices are too high because of two factors, supply and demand and oil prices. Everyone needs gas and the distributors of gas know that. For this reason, they sell it to gas companies for a much higher price. It does take a lot of money for gas stations to purchase the gas, and they need to make a profit, but if the government does not make any of the gas stations lower their prices, no one would get gas there anymore. Thus, the stations would not make any profit because only a few people could afford the gas if the prices keep rising.

We, the citizens of California, require modes of transport. The extremely high gas prices are killing our chances of us getting anywhere expeditiously. CNN reports that gas prices are rising nationally with an average of $0.30 more per gallon. This is one of the greatest gas price raises in the current millennium.

One day, as my father was driving home from work, he told me he was low on gas. He was going to the gas station, but then he saw the gas cost at least $4.15 per gallon at every gas station. He needed to wait until his next pay check to go to the gas station, so he could get the money to drive to places. He barely made it to work and my mother and I had to go to a store and buy gas to bring it to him. Without it, he could not even...

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