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Garbage Disosal Essay

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Chapter I
the problem and its background
The city of Batangas is one of the most continuously progressing and developing cities in Region IV. Many landmarks like schools, commercial buildings, malls, business centers, churches and hospitals are established which makes the city of Batangas civilized and a convenient place to settle on. Together with the city’s growth and improvement, different problems arise. The problem is further complicated by rapid growth in population and urbanization, which adds greatly to the volume of waste being generated and to the demand for waste retrieval service in municipal areas. However, more often than not, an increase in population is not matched with an equal increase in revenue for the local municipalities for waste management. Besides this, rapid urbanization means rapid growth of shanty dwelling units that are largely unplanned for, and add to the waste, health, and hygiene problems.
The city Environment and Natural Resources Office (ENRO) is one of the government sectors which manages and takes responsibility of collecting and disposing waste within the city. The city of Batangas is composed of 105 barangays, 24 urban and 17 sub-urban therefore, because Batangas has a wide area, not all places are being collected, only 41 barangays. There are 131 pick-up points where wastes are being collected because they have no capability to dispose the waste. Some areas have what they called Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) wherein they dispose their waste. The city ENRO made contract with the holler, a company who’s responsible in rotating to the pick-up points to collect wastes. They only have 12 trucks, the schedule of the collection of waste starts from 6pm until the time when all pick-up points are being collected. The waste problem is not just the responsibility of the city council but also other parties. The practice of improper waste disposal results in unsanitary surroundings that eventually attract...

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