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Gandhi Essay

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  • on September 3, 2013
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Bruno and Shmuel Assessment Notes
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is another one of John Boyne’s masterpieces set in the spine-tingling surroundings of the famous yet lurid Auschwitz camp. A camp so deadly that if one was to enter the chance of leaving alive were 1 in a billion. This book shows the contrast between two people who are rather quite the opposite of each other and how they come to build a relationship so amazing and beautiful that the borders of society mean simply nothing. In this essay we will be exploring how this book reveals the horrors of Auschwitz…
“…I mean I’m surprised that’s all because my birthday is April the fifteenth too. And I was born in nineteen thirty-four. We were born on the same day.”
This reveals how differeyent of an understanding they have in comparison and the difference in maturity levels. Shmuel knows that Auschwitz is in Poland and yet he’s in the concentration camp and Bruno who has an education and private tutor is unaware. Perhaps Bruno’s family doesn’t want him to know the truth as shown when he enters his father’s office so in effect he is babied and doesn’t know much about the situatuion where as Shmuel   behaves and   is treated like an adult for he is in a severe situation it is crucial. For two people that are exactly the same age they have two very different.
Adults share slight conflict in their statuses Bruno’s father who was of a high status doesn’t socialise with his workers and Jews and if anything he looks down on them like dirt. Bruno and Shmuel come from different backgrounds and have two different thoughts on the situation they’re in yet   being children they are clueless of this dilemma that surrounds them.
The fence could symbolise the war. The side that Shmuel is on...

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