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Future Worlds Short Story - the Tarnished Abandoned City Essay

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  • on September 1, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Future Worlds Short Story - the Tarnished Abandoned City" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The air was thick and heavy with smoke. It was so dark that you couldn’t even see the street ahead of you save for the flickering street lights on each corner. There was barely any life on the streets of the abandoned city. It was as if the city were a graveyard. You could actually say it was a graveyard.
Passing the flower shop, Red wondered how the shop’s door ended up nailed to the front of the building. Curious, he stopped in his tracks and went into the shop. Inside it smelled like Jasmine and Lavender and faintly like gasoline, which explained the charcoal black walls. Red looked around the room, searching for anything of use. He looked down to the floor around his feet and saw a puddle of dark sticky looking stuff on his left not that far from where he was standing. Then he suddenly jerked his head up to the ceiling and saw the corpse of a woman, held up with duct tape, nails and ropes. Red screamed in silent horror while he stumbled back on his feet. He looked away for a moment to calm himself down then looked back up at her.   Her face was covered in blood, but Red was certain that she was the owner of the flower shop, Mrs Stanley. He knew because Red would come to that shop to buy a bouquet of flowers for his mother on her birthday and Mother’s Day. He could see that there was a deep gash in her head and that was probably the main cause for all the blood on her face and on the floor. There were also some bruises on her arms and legs. But what really got Red thinking is why would the person who did this tie her to the ceiling? He had enough of looking at the corpse and ran out of the broken down stop.
Two hours have passed since Red found Mrs Stanley dead and tied to the ceiling. It was eight-thirty and it was pitch black outside. Red found a supermarket and decided to stay the night there. A supermarket was a good idea since it had food and water there. He took some food and sat down next to the oven in the bakery section of the store. While he as...

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