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Furture Training Essay

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The future of organizational training is something that will have to mirror the constant changes in the global market.   Emerging global markets are attracting consumers at a rapid pace.   These rapid changes are creating unique challenges for the future of organizational training.   Diversity and language difference are barriers that must be overcome in training.   Well-managed organizational training will create committed employees towards the company and any change implemented by senior management.   Employees must have career progression within the company to be committed.   Organizational training has to be structure so employees are allowed to attend training to afford progression in the company.   Society and technology changes will drive the curriculum in future organizational training.   Applications such as Skype will allow the global workforce at anytime and anywhere to access the training.   Three dimensional training aids and game style training will also allow employees to visually experience training.  

Future of Organizational Training
Xerox selector two typewriter was the central business document producer for many years.   Change occurred when the computer along with Microsoft Windows was introduced revolutionizing business records and inventory information.   Markets changing on a daily basis mean employees have to keep pace with the changes.   Sound businesses will thrive in the changing global business arena with strong organizational training.   High school and college graduates entering the workforce need training.   Employees need a progressive career path for promotion and responsibility in a company or they will seek employment elsewhere.   As global markets change so, will organizational training.   Companies must manage money wisely, yet provide meaningful training to their employees.   Future organizational training will accomplish this benefiting both the employee and company.   Change is the theme for organizational training and global...

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