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Functional Areas of Business Essay

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Functional Areas of Business
Mary Ann A. Moore
MGT 521 Management
22 July 2013
Louise Stelma

Functional Areas of Business
This paper will classify the functional areas of business using the MBA Overview Module from the university’s resource.   The study of this paper will focus on the role of manager and significance to each functional area within an organization.
Role of Manager
A manager is the person who is in charge to supervise, coordinate, and oversee other employees to ensure that tasks and other obligations are parallel to meet company’s goals.   Managers play a significant role within the organization because its role establishes, and emphasizes building relationship between employees, connecting with upper management, and contributes in creating organizational value (Coulter & Robbins, 2012).   The MBA Overview module breaks down the different functional areas of business that help students to understand the different roles of manager to focus on each of the areas.
Management is the coordinating endeavors from group of managers who participate and contribute to achieving organizational goals.   Management is very important in organizing and directing the work of employees to make sure the success of business.
Business law in this sense governs the law that applies to a particular type of business.   These laws will serve as a guideline and make sure that practices are in conformity.   Business law is rules that also secure the organization creations or the integrity of its originality.
Human Resource Management (HRM)
HRM is the managing of the company’s workforce or its employees.   The main responsibility of this area is to make sure that the selection and hiring of employees will best fit the company’s requirements.   Part of the tasks also includes providing training, evaluating, compensating, and ensure that employees understands the business well enough to influence its worth (Cascio, 2005).

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