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Frequency & Wavelength Essay

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1.   Explain how medical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exploits the magnetic properties of the nucleus.  

MRI’s rotate the nucleus of an atom, producing a magnetic field.   During a MRI, a person is placed between the poles of a strong magnet.   The magnetic field permeates the tissue and causes the nucleus scale magnets in the tissues to rotate.   By observing what frequencies are absorbed by the atoms the doctors can determine what sorts of atoms are present at a particular place in the body.

2.   Explain how a sound is actually a form of energy? In what medium do sound waves travel?  

Sound is a form of energy due to its ability to travels in waves.   It can travel through solids, liquids, and gasses.

3.   A current is connected to 115-volt power source.   If a current of 5 amps flows in the wire, what is the resistance of the circuit?

Resistance (ohms) = Voltage (volts)/Current (amps)
        = 115 volts/5 amps
        = 23 ohms

4.   Find out where your electrical power is generated.   Does your local utility buy additional power from some other source?   What kind of fuel or energy is used to drive the turbines?   Are there pollution controls that restrict the use of certain kinds of fuels at your local power plant?

Southern California Edison (SCE) (2150-MW).   Wind 41%, Geothermal 44%, Solar 7%, Small Hydro 4% and Biomass 4%.   The turbines at Southern California Edison are driven by hydroelectricity.   Based on my research, there are not any pollution controls that set restrictions on Southern California Edison.

5.   Identify at least THREE everyday examples of waves that travel through each of the following:
o solids
o liquids
o gases

Three everyday examples of waves that travel through are sound waves, radio waves, and microwaves.

6.   In what ways do different kinds of seismic waves differ from waves on water?

Seismic waves are vibration generated by earthquake explosion or similar energetic source propagated within...

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