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Fractures Essay

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A broken bone is called a fracture. Signs include loss of the power of movement, pain with acute tenderness over the site of fracture, swelling and bruising, deformity and possible shortening, unnatural mobility, and crepitus or grating that is heard when the ends of the bone rub together. The different types of fractures are classified by extent of damage.   Radiography should be used to identify the fracture and the exact position of the bone fragments.
The different types of fractures are classified by extent of damage. A closed (simple) fracture is one in which the bone is broken but no external wound exists. An open (compound) fracture involves a broken bone and an external wound that leads to the site of fracture. Fragments of bone commonly protrude through the skin. In open or compound fractures, any bleeding must be arrested before the fracture is treated. Initially, the open fracture should be covered with a sterile (or clean) dressing and the fracture site immobilized. Open reduction may be required. The wound is then washed and cleaned with sterile saline. If the area is grossly contaminated, mild soap solution may be used provided it is thoroughly washed away with generous amounts of sterile saline. When the wound is clean, a sterile dressing is secured by a bandage. The bone may then be immobilized by external fixation until the wound heals.
A complicated fracture is one in which a broken bone has injured an internal organ, such as when a broken rib pierces a lung. In a comminuted fracture, the bone has broken or splintered into pieces. The comminuted fracture is also called the fragmental fracture. An impacted fracture occurs when the bone is broken and one end is wedged into the interior of another bone. An incomplete fracture occurs when the line of fracture does not completely transverse the entire bone. A greenstick fracture is when the broken bone does not extend through the entire thickness of the bone; that is, one side of the bone is broken...

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