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Foucauldian Analysis of Comprehensive Exams

  • Submitted by: Gradly
  • on February 28, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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This Foucauldian analysis discusses the ways in which a collective comprehensive examination works to undermine individualizing structures as it promotes creativity and solidarity. As academic activist we use the academy as a catalyst for this project and our Foucauldian analysis of the power structures at play within the individual comprehensive exam, fostered the questions: Does Women's Studies exist as a site for radical change or does it sere the power structures it originally aimed to resist with institutions of higher learning.

We came together as a women's studies M.A. cohort for three days and two nights to answer our “comprehensive” exam questions. We chose a collective response, in lieu of the prescribed individual exam, because we recognized that our voices could not be separated even if we tried; because our best work is done together; because we wanted the opportunity to show that we could put our learning into practice by rejecting authoritarian institutional requirements and instead question and engage our academic institution; because this was the more difficult route and we love a challenge and most significantly because our professors taught us to.
We believe by coming together and articulating a collective response we were interrogating the enlightenment based ethos that informs academia’s insistence on individual exams. As academic activists we also recognize that the academy is a site that needs our attention. We took on this feminist project as a cohort in order to resist the ways in which examinations work to discipline us into docile subjects. Our feminist collective response to the "comprehensive" exam was informed by Ella Shohat's use of polyphony, Paulo Freire's description of the pedagogy of the oppressed, Josè Esteban Muñoz's strategic use of disidentification, Jeff Schmidt's critique of the disciplining of minds, and Chela Sandoval's decolonization of the imagination. Our Foucauldian analysis of the power structures at...

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