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Forrest Gump Essay

  • Submitted by: nlbroussard
  • on June 19, 2014
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The theme of blindness and insight is evident throughout Oedipis Rex, Lonestar, and Edipo Re.   In the movie Lonestar, the main character Sherriff Sam Deeds is struggling with trying to solve a case involving the remains of the town’s former Sherriff Charlie Wade. Sam suspects the killer was his father, Buddy, who was a deputy under Wade. Sam has a negative view of his father because his father was unfaithful to his mother and kept Sam away from his teenage love Pilar. He understands that the people in the community respected his father even though there were clear indications of abuse of power. While investigating Wade’s murder, Sam begins to find indications of abuse of power by Wade.   Sam is blind to the goodness in his father’s misdeeds. In the film, Otis, the owner of the black bar in town tries to explain to his own son that life is not simply “black or white” which symbolizes the race segregation and issues within the town between the Anglo, Hispanic, and black cultures.   His analogy proves to be relevant to Buddy’s behavior, the murder of Wade, and the newly rekindled love between Pilar and Sam.   While Buddy abused his power, he used the majority of his power in ways that kept peace and sought to find a balance within the cultures for a peaceful community. Wade, although wrongfully murdered without a trial, was a man who regularly murdered and extorted money from the community, especially the Hispanic and black communities. While an inmate told Sam, like many others had, that his father was a good man and no one ever died while in the county jail. He said that he was happy to have built the patio in Sam’s childhood home because it got him out of the jail and into the fresh air and that Sam’s “saint of a mother” made him lunch every day while he worked. Sam’s focus was how Buddy used the inmates labor to improve his home, thus using free labor, which is an abuse of power in the capacity of Sherriff.
Pilar and Sam were also blind to the reason that their...

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