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Formal Letter

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Answer 1.

Driving in the winter differs from driving in the summer; however, either way the experience is in some way the same.

On a cold winter morning in Connecticut a man is preparing for work. He has yet to realize the painfully low temperature outside. His trip to work is delayed because as soon as he opens his front door, he must stop and reconsider his outfit. He must dress more warmly! He changes, and then walks to his car only to discover that he’s very low on gas. This is troubling in cold weather, because knowledgeable people always know to keep a tank full during the coldest days.He calms down from his initial panic and drives to the gas station. When all seems well another problem occurs: he runs into snow, his wheels are spinning, and his vehicle is incapable of movement! To make things worse he realizes he has left his cell phone at home. This man’s trip to work is now postponed even further and he has to walk to the nearest open business to find a phone to make a phone call. This man wasn’t prepared in any way for his winter drive. He underestimated the weather and that was a great mistake.
A man in neighboring Massachusetts is prepared for his winter drive. Before brushing his teeth, he heads out to the driveway and starts his car. He hits the button for the rear window defroster and turns on the heater. The short time outside reassures him that he is dressed warmly enough for the day. He heads inside, brushes his teeth, and hums a little tune as he grabs his bag lunch. He heads outside to a nicely warmed car and happily hums to his favorite song on the radio as he easily drives to work.
On a hot summer morning in California, a young woman heads out to her job at a company where she works for a fashion designer. You can only imagine all of the driving she must do. It’s one hundred and ten degrees outside and she has an order for a dozen dresses in five different locations. She walks out to her car already feeling dreadfully hot She’s...

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