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Forgivness Essay

  • Submitted by: ejohnson41
  • on March 1, 2014
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I never thought that I would be the one to hold a grudge against someone. I am always the one telling others that they don’t need to be holding things in, but here I am holding in something that I could let go. This thanksgiving I was looking forward to going to New Orleans and spend some time with my dad side of the family. I hadn’t seen my dad in over a year, me and my dad do not have the perfect relationship, but in my heart I always wanted try and give us a shot. Thanksgiving Day came around and I could just feel the love in the air all my family members were getting along which was very rare for us. I walked around the house and still could not find my dad, I asked my aunt if she had seen him or if he had arrived but unfortunately he hadn’t showed up yet, right then and there I got the feeling that he was about to do something that would not be good. So later that day he finally showed up full of whatever drugs he got his hands on. I took one look at my dad and instead and my eyes begin to fill with tears there he was an 50 year old man with seven kids and one grandchild and he still getting high off multiple drugs.
After everybody ate and got full I was sitting down on the couch when my dad stumbled over to me and sat on my lap. He begin to tell me that he accept me for who I am and that he will never abandon me and that I need to go ahead an come out the closet and stop living a lie. Honestly I would have loved to have a one on one talk with my dad about my life and my lifestyle but I felt like where he was pouring his heart out was not the time nor the place. We were sitting in the middle of the living room with a house full of folks and my drunk/high daddy was yelling my personal business out. Still to this day I have not forgiven my dad for what he did. If my dad was sober and we were talking by ourselves I would have really loved that, but instead he blasted me out in front of my family. I know I should hold a grudge against him because he is my dad...

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