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Foreign Policy Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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Foreign Policy are the strategies and goals that help a nation’s relations with other countries.   One of the goals of foreign policy is national security which helps determine how the United States deals with other nations.   Free and open trade is a way of maintaining trade with other nations and preserving the access to natural resources.   Any way that the United States can come together with other countries and find ways to work together allows for the foreign policy to continue growing.

Foreign Policy was on the minds of American’s going as far back as 1789.   When George Washington was elected president, there was concern regarding the size of the nation and how the United States was struggling to build a new government.   At this time, the leaders of the United States felt that they should concentrate their concern on the United States and not get involved with other countries affairs, which is called isolationism.   In 1823, President James Monroe created a new foreign policy and extended the meaning of isolationism that is known as the Monroe Doctrine.   The Monroe Doctrine basically states that no Americans will be subject for future colonization by European powers and that any attempt to extend the European powers would be dangerous to our peace and safety.  

Things began to change in the 1890’s.   The United States began to look for ways to expand their markets for its products and also looked for new sources for raw materials.   The United States also became more powerful as it stood on its own.   The government leaders believed that the United States should have a bigger part in world affairs.   They wanted to acquire a colonial empire.   The began this quest in 1898 when they fought the Spanish-American War and acquired Philippine Islands, Guam, and Puerto Rico.   The government officials started to believe that isolationism no longer fit the United States role as an economic power.

In 1914, isolationism was still being followed until World War I came...

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