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Footloose Review

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  • on September 1, 2013
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C.J. Schaffer
Mr. Roper
Extra-Credit : Footloose
The story begins with Ren and his mother, Ethel, readying their luggage before they head off to Bomont, their new home. Ren is notably upset about the change of location and blames his father over his mother for his discomfort. Ren’s father left the family unannounced and ever since, talking of his presence has been a sore subject. Their soon-to-be previous home seemed to be a place where Ren was able to freely express himself, mostly in the form of dance. This free attitiude developed through dance has become a defining feature of Ren.
The first scene, once they arrive in Bomont, takes place in the Chapel of the town where we are introduced to Reverend Moore, the main antagonist of the play. Reverend Moore seems to possess a firm grasp on the town through powerful sermons that the town adores. Ren makes an awkward attempt to introduce himself to the girls of the town, the Reverend’s daughter, Ariel in particular. However he fails and only makes a fool of himself. The next scene shows Ariel with a “bad” boy and shows that Ariel actually seemed almost addicted to diverging from her Father’s moralistic, predetermined path.
In school, Ren learns from Willard Hewitt, an enemy turned friend, that dancing in the town is illegal. Aparently, a few years before, four boys accidentally drove off a bridge into the “Toney” river. They’re were no survivors and we later learn that one of the boys was Moore’s son. From this point on, Ren makes it his personal goal and duty to free the town from the hold of Reverend Moore. Ariel and Ren both grow close to each other as they discover that their inward passions are extremely similar.
We’ve discovered that Ariel has a tendency to differ from the wishes of her father. This tendency draws her towards Ren who quickly becomes the alternate “bad” boy of the town. Simply because he wants to bring dance into the town, allies of Reverend Moore turn against him. Ariel turns...

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