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Football Essay

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Are ready for some football? When college football starts a new season all the hype is carried from previous years. Hype is carried season to season by the fans. College football has some of the greatest fans. College football's fans love to talk about who is number one and who should play for the national championship. Around 10 years ago College football made changes to help clarify who truly is number one. Although changes have been made changes have been made they have not been be made fast enough. College football needs to remove the three systems that rank teams by opinion . Teams should be ranked based on play on the field rather by someone's opinion. The system in place now for ranking teams is flawed. I feel a playoff system would be a great solution over the three polls which are in use today.

The Coaches poll
A. Coaches vote on teams based on their opinions of how they feel teams played.
1. Coaches vote and rank teams without truly seeing a team play.
2. Coaches can vote for their team.
B. coaches vote for their conference.
1. Coaches vote for teams in their conference.
2 coaches show favoritism thus allowing teams to be rank higher than they need to be.
C. coaches see firsthand how good a team is.
1. They know what it takes to win.
2. They see how a team performs together on the field.

Associated Press poll
A. Writer's ranked teams.
1. Writers may or may not have even played football.
2. When people are involved such as writers favoritism can be a problem.
B. Writers promote favorite teams or conferences.
1. Newspapers print stories of certain teams and others are left out.
2. Writers can make team seem better than they actually are.
C. Removing the AP poll.
1. Removing writers from ranking teams allows for the game to be decided on the field.
2. Removing the AP poll removes any favoritism towards teams or conferences.

BCS computer rankings
A. Why does the computer decide who plays on the football field.
1. Computers...

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