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Foodborne Illnesses Essay

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Salmonella is a bacterial infection that is transferred between humans and animals. This bacteria affects human through the food that contains the salmonella bacteria and can cause serious illness. The infection is not something you may not be aware of right away. The bacteria will usually live in the intestinal tract of humans and as well as in animals. Causes of salmonella begin when foods become contaminated while being prepared by people who do not wash their hands properly and thoroughly including after using the restroom. Other causes include touching pets specifically birds or reptiles.
Transportation of this disease can begin in raw meats during the butchering process. Feces can get onto the raw meat than transported and shipped without anyone noticing. Also, food handlers returning to work and also fail to properly clean and wash their hands before continuing to handle raw meats or other products.   Eggs can also cause salmonella infections even though eggs have a hard protective shell. How is this possible, chickens produce eggs that already contain salmonella.   As you may or may not know, foods such as mayonnaise are prepared with raw eggs as are cakes and other baked goods. Through these processes it is easy to see how salmonella and other diseases can be transported through normal everyday situations.
The most recent outbreak of salmonella in United States is tied to chicks the bacteria found in the chicks feet, feather, beaks and eggs. The infection can be transmitted through eating the food that has the salmonella bacteria but it can also transmit through a live animal. Unfortunately it could have transmitted even through touching chicken, many stores whore supplied throughout United States. In this particular case no one died but there whore three people hospitalized. Although the symptoms are severe but rarely fatal, normally affects children and elderly who have a weaker immune system.   There are many steps taking to prevent the spread of...

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