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Folole Case Essay

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Shades of Grey: The Case of Folole Muliaga
Michael Thompson
Northcentral University

Shades of Grey: The Case of Folole Muliaga
Ethical dilemmas occurs daily within corporations and their employees promoting the organization and its employees to react quickly. Sometimes the decision an employee chooses can affect more than corporation. A good example an ethical employee dilemma would be the case concerning Folole Muliaga and Mercury Energy organization. Therefore, after some reflection on the consequences and outcome of Mercury Energy case, the situation surrounding this case exhibit some surprising results in the outcome and consequences. The bigger question after reviewing the case of Folole Muliaga, was did Mercury Energy did something illegal or not? During the investigation of Mercury Energy, each side made some valid points and some convincing evidence which force me to decide who was right or wrong. However it might be, the incident did cause Mercury Energy to make some changes in their handling of consumers in need.  
Folole Muliaga was a wife, mother of three, and former schoolteacher living in Manukau, New Zealand. Folole Muliaga was found to be terminally ill with obesity-related heart and lung disease. She was confined to a home oxygen machine after doctors determined that Mrs. Muliaga needed help breathing after suffering from terminal cardiomyopathy. Folole Muliaga was in the hospital from March of 2002 until May of 2002 for her condition. During her stay in the hospital, Mrs. Muliaga’s electricity bill continued to increase. While Mrs. Muliaga was in the hospital, her husband attempted to make arrangements to payments towards the overdue electric bill. However, due to the “Privacy Act,” he was not able to make the arrangements because his name was not on the account (Eweje, G., & Wu, M. 2010). Therefore, since her husband could not make the arrangements he had planned, he made a small amount payment on the overdue bill.
In May of 2002...

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