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Floatin Soap Bubbes Essay

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I will like to do this experiment to     see whether or not soap bubble will     float or sink and to develop an understanding of sinking and floating.


  * A solution to make soap bubbles
  * A bubble wand
  * A large clear container with an open top
  * ½ cup of baking soda
  * 1 cup of vinegar
  * A shallow dish to fit inside a larger

Soap bubbles will stay afloat longer in carbon dioxide than in air.

Background Information:

This experiment will focus on a           scientific investigation. Its scientific     topic is to find out if the soap bubbles   will float or sink in the bowl.


The hypothesis is that soap bubbles will stay afloat for a longer period of time in carbon dioxide than in air, is proven to be true. The bubbles will float gently about on top of the carbon dioxide layer, giving you an excellent opportunity to observe them up close.


The bubbles do not sink to the bottom of the container because of the carbon dioxide in the container. They will seem to float within the container on top of the layer of carbon dioxide so you can observe them.

The independent variable is the air density (amount of carbon dioxide) in the aquarium. The dependent variable is the length of time the soap bubble stays afloat. This is determined by recording the time using a stop watch. The constants (control variables) are the volume of the tank, the soap water mixture and the size of the bubbles.


    •    Place your large container on a table where you can easily see through all sides of the container. Also, be sure that the container is away from drafts, such as a draft from an open window.
    •    Put your smaller dish into the bottom of the container.
    •    Pour the baking soda into the dish.
    •    Add the vinegar to the dish with the baking soda.
    •    You’ll notice that the mixture will immediately begin to fizz. The...

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