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Five Minds Essay

  • Submitted by: lamberel
  • on August 31, 2013
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Gardner’s Five Mind Review
Mr. Shaw
Grantham University
Howard Gardner presents that we as a society are not going to have a long-lived future without the understanding of his five minds. Each of the minds is unique and, when employed all together, one is truly whole.   A person does not just acquire such things in traditional school and, once complete, come to a stop.   The learning needed to grasp those five minds is constant and throughout life.

The first one he writes about is having a Disciplined Mind.   This is a person who has spent years studying, perfecting and understanding fully their craft or trade.   The research and educating part must at least be undertaken for a period of ten years.   The reason he calls it disciplined is because all know how much happens in life.   Jobs are ended without reason, families get started, and different addictions, etc. take people away from mastering something.   Gardner used an example of a famous painter.   This painter actually realized wealth while still fairly young.   The new found riches led to addictions and a need for materialistic things.   While in that type of mindset, the painter was unable to accomplish any “real” art.   Once he realized the faults he made, he stopped and again became a true painter.

Having a Disciplined Mind is thought by Garner to be mastering at least one subject and, without that mastery, one is destined to fail.   The mastering needs constant training in order to reach that point, as well as continuous education while there.   That continuous education allows a person to continually hone their skill or trade.   Another way to put it would be to constantly sharpen your saw.   He also states that a master must also renew that mastery every few years.   This reminds me of even mastering simple jobs or trades.   When I was much younger, I picked up carpentry as a hobby.   I eventually started building decks.   Throughout a period of fifteen years, I have built many of them.   I took a break from...

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