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First Person Narrative Essay

  • Submitted by: beibicris
  • on March 19, 2012
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Maria Dinescu My most special moments

English 1St narrative

I do not pretend to know what others are like but for myself, even to this day, I feel my heart throbs with joy when I think of my birthplace. I remember those good times, for family and friends were happy and healthy. The sons and daughters of our neighbours were for ever playing with us and everything was as I liked best, without a shadow of sorrow, I felt the world was mine.
I was happy as the day was long, sunny and joyful like a summer rain after a boiling hot day.
I remember my mother say: “Go outside child and smile at the sun, maybe the weather will change”… and the weather did change at my smile. The sun no doubt knew what I was capable of for I was young and happy.
Even to this day I am convinced my mother could work wonders. She could chase away the pain with a kiss on a forehead and she would always have something special for us if we finished our bowl of soup… She was our angel.
More than that I remember with a very warm, safe feeling how beautiful everything was. The sky was blue as the sea and clear as a mirror and the days were long and sunny so my sister and I could pretend we were princesses and had a massive castle very high up... in a tree.
The branches of the tree castle would come alive and play with us until the end of time… But time did not exist. The only concept of time we had was given by our mother’s sweet and crystalline voice asking us to wash our hands and come for lunch.
I remember the taste of cold and life given water we drank, the feeling of satisfaction it gave to our thirst. I remember the sound of nature, the sound of insects in the long grass we used to hide in the very hot afternoons. I remember the image of the hot air going upwards in the sky from the roasting soil. We used to make stories about it. The name of the girl that was going upwards into the sky was called Morgana girl. She used to be a princess that had a duty. Her duty was to keep...

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