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First Impression Essay

  • Submitted by: chynem
  • on June 23, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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First Impression

Chynem Wachi
Applying Leadership Principles
June 20, 2014

First Impression

There is a statement that first impressions are lasting impression; generally, no one intentionally wants to give a wrong impression about him or herself. People obviously love to appear the best, neat hence so many dresses to kill or to leave a long lasting imprint in the minds of those they come in contact with. I am of the opinion that giving a good impression about oneself at all times is awesome, best and expressional. Coming down to first impression, I do think that what you make people see at their first contact with you, be it your dressing, carriage, conduct, manner of speech or words matters a lot and goes to tell about the personality behind and what you have got inside. 'First impressions are lasting impressions', and although sometimes misleading, 'research shows that in many situations, our impressions of other people can be quite accurate'. (Eliot & Mackie, 2007, p. 86)

A quick example; I walked into a hotel unbiased because I have heard nothing about them in the past, my first contact was the customer service associate at the entrance welcoming me to the hotel. I had planned to book a room in the said hotel to spend few days. At my first gaze at the associate I noticed he appeared un-kept and he stretched his hand for a warm hand shake and to assist me with some luggage. I paused, took a second gaze at him, gave my hand out for a shake and continued to the front desk. On arrival at the front desk, as I stood to get information about booking, I perceived a horrible smell, the information desk personnel again looked nothing better than the associate I met at the entrance. Though I continued, I then asked one or two question and zoomed off. I walked away not because I did not need the room any longer but the impression I have now put me off. My thinking of course at this time was that if the welcome area could be this bad then I expect the...

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