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Finicial Literacy Essay

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Adult Education QuarteHy

Low-Income Canadians
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Financially Literate? Placing Financial Literacy in the

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Context of Personal and Structural Constraints


Jerry Buckland'

Abstract This article argues that financial literacy varies across socioeconomic groups and their neighborhoods, in part because of the adult learning that occurs within a local context. The study begins by explaining that financial literacy needs vary across socioeconomic groups and that there are important structural factors affecting the financial well-being of low-income people. Drawing on data from qualitative field research undertaken in three Canadian inner cities, it then moves to examine low-income respondents' financial literacy. The results show that many low-income respondents evidenced financial literacy in that many learned to cope with strict budgets, used diversified activities to raise their income, constrained their credit, and were reasonably knowledgeable about relevant government programs and banking services. Where particular constraints were noted in financial literacy, they related to detailed knowledge about institutional policies and attitudes about deeper financial and life goals. Keywords financial literacy, unbanked, low income

Financial literacy needs vary across income groups. For instance, the devolution of pension planning from government and business to individuals has been influenced by neoliberalism, an ideology that highlights the role of markets and consumers to meet

'Menno Simons College.Winnipeg, Manitoba,Canada

Corresponding Author:
Jerry Buckland, Menno Simons College, 210-520 Portage Ave,,Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3G 0G2, Canada Email: j,buckland@uwinnipeg,ca


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