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Financial Report

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Walmart Financial Report Part Two
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Walmart Financial Report Part Two
      Walmart has assets with a total worth of $203,105,000, thus far for 2013.   These assets are important in the daily operations of the company.   A company can began operations with the assets, it needs, Wiley (2007).   Current assets are things that can be changed into cash in a short time.   Generally, these assets are listed in order of their liquidity, cash, advertisements, accounts receivables, inventories, prepaid expenses, investments, plant assets, and intangible assets.
      The assets listed under Walmart’s current assets, as of January 31, 2013, are listed in proper order.   The list begins with cash and cash equivalents, short-term investments, net receivables, inventory, and other current assets.   Walmart’s total for current assets in 2013, is $59,940,000.   It has seen an increase of $7,928,000 in current assets from 2011 to 2013.   This is a key factor for Walmart from a creditor standpoint.   A company’s assets can determine if creditors are willing to loan to them, and if investors are willing to invest. This information is can be easily obtained from the balance sheet and the income statement.
      Liquid assets are resources with monetary worth, which can be easily convert into cash or are already cash. Assets should not lose money in the end. No Derivatives Current assets are assets that can be easily converted into cash within a year. Current assets can be amatory; account receivables, inventories, cash, prepaid expenses, liquidated assets, and the investments made by the company.   In accounting, an asset represents a cost incurred now, from which future benefits will be obtained over a length of time. Money is, without a doubt, the best example of liquid asset because of the relative ease at which it can be bought or sold based on market value. Money, whether in the form coins, paper bills, or debit cards, are considered liquid...

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