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Financial Kpi's Essay

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Market Share
1 Business reasons for choosing this KPI
Microsoft Austria has increased its business in the half part of 2013 by 8 percent. The most significant growth was created in the whole sale sector with 26 percent, according to Microsoft Austria CEO Georg Obermeier. Due to company policy no detailed figures are made public. However, Microsoft Austria grew twice as fast as the domestic market. According to analysts' estimates, sales of Microsoft Austria are around 400 million euros.
43 percent of earnings come from the wholesale trade, and 32 percent makes the middle class from a quarter are in the consumer sector. The most essential money bringer among the products is the office sector with 47 per cent of the total supply, 30 percent made ​​up the server. (Illustration 1)
According to Robert Kögl - Chief Financial Officer overall, The total value creation of Microsoft and its partners is €2,2 billion, which equals 0,7 percent of GDP. Reference was also made to the numerous training offers from Microsoft.
For example, since 2006, about 1,000 kindergarten teachers were supported with free language training software "Smart Mice". In 2012, 140 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) were supported in Austria.
Illustration 1
The top three divisions at Microsoft Austria: Office (47 percent), server (30 percent) and Windows (13 percent)

Reasons why this KPI was selected are because we believe that the market share is among the most vital parameters in the market research monitoring process. Market share is a key indicator of the health of company, like temperature to human health.
Many would say market share is the most important measure, because if you’re losing market share, your competitors have an advantage and they will soon eat your lunch....

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