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Finances Essay

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When initiating a project, an organization must consider their finances and how it will affect the overall company. The first thing a company must do before a company can fund new initiatives is look over reports to make sure the new plans are supported with the goals of the company. Financial planning allows organizations to understand that each financial decision they make can have an impact on their long-term goals. Planning involves looking in the future of the company and knowing exactly where it should be and taking the necessary steps to get there.   Financial planning also involves taking certain risk.   A company takes risk when it makes a major purchase in hopes that it will provide long-term growth, which was the case for Disney. In 2015, Disney acquires ownership of Lucas film, which is a Star Wars franchise for $4billion dollars. Disney decided to purchase the company because it wanted to grow brands and expand its franchise potential and create value. The company is spending money today in hopes to generate revenue in the future.  
This purchase is one of Disney's largest acquisitions and major success. Adding Lucas films to Disney will expand the company financially and enhance the company's ability to serve consumers with high quality content and to create long-term shareholders (The Disney company, 2012).   The team at Disney has spent a huge amount of time analyzingp and evaluating this deal and decided they are in a good position to maximize the value of Lucas films. Disney plans includes long-term goals, which is to take over the company and release a new Star Wars movie every year. The purchase of Lucas film by Disney is a major investment that will hopefully be a profitable one. The company took a major chance in purchasing Lucas film, but after months of research, Disney realizes that this deal will benefit the company in many ways.  
Disney reported having a 1.3 billion dollar profit for its 4th quarter(2013).   Revenue grew 7 percent from its...

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