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Final Exam Mistakes Essay

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My mistakes, concerning the final exam, were larger in number than I had anticipated. I made mistakes, mainly on three different sections on the test: Transitive and Intransitive Verbs, Verb Tenses, and lastly on the Literature section.
The first section, Transitive and Intransitive Verbs, was very difficult, for I had studied the definitions backwards. A Transitive Verb has a direct object, whereas, an Intransitive Verb does not. I studied it oppositely where Transitive Verbs didn’t have the D.O. and the Intransitive Verbs did. I missed eight out of ten on that section, which is rather disappointing.
Later during the test, along came Verb Tenses. I remembered the six basic tenses from Mr. Camp’s class last year, but was very much confused on the progressive and participle forms. The ways, in which they were used, I did not fully comprehend. These six forms made my score much less than it would have been. Receiving a ten out of eighteen is completely disappointing.  
Lastly, Literature made some final deductions. Never have I had good Reading for Comprehension skills, and it came as a shock to get a pretty decent score on that particular section. After doing much research on how to get better on this subject, I have come to the conclusion, taking notes while I read is a must. I have always gotten the basics of a story, but the details have slipped through my brain. Missing four out of twelve was an amazing result for me and I am proud of the improvement since the last test where I missed a significant amount more.
I have learned many things from this final exam. These three sections I suffered from, I now know better than I ever would have before. I am looking forward to doing much better during the next semester!

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