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Final Essay

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  • on June 24, 2014
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HUM 211
Final Exam
Fall I 2013

NAME: Rachael Rowcliffe

Part I: Multiple Choice and Short Answer: Be sure to answer each question fully. (Worth 30 points, 6 points each)

1. Theater of the absurd is:
a. a group of playwrights who differ from one another radically in many
respects, but do share a common vision and some common experimental
b. a group of playwrights who created work based on Cubist artistic principles
c. type of theater in which the audience is invited to participate

2. Impressionism is defined as a group of painters who try to paint what they see.

3. Communism is opposed to capitalism because:
a. the communists believed that the bourgeois elite who controlled capitalist
societies were oppressive to the proletariat to further their own gains.
b. the bourgeois used private property as a tool   for the subjugation of the
lower classes.
c.   capitalism needed a class-based society, but a classless society would end
social conflict.
d. all of the above

4. The expressionism painting tradition developed out of modernism, when artists were trying to push the bounds of art.

5. Sigmund Freud:
a. had no impact of the humanities, only the social sciences.
b. wrote extensively about the humanities, leading to the development of the
psychoanalytical approach to art criticism.

Part I: Short answer questions: Be sure the answer the question in full. (Worth 20 points, 10 points each)

1. Trace the development of the modernist movement in the arts.

In the years between 1900 and 1930, artist began to get the feeling of being liberated. Artists were tired of the typical, up tight, Victorian style were everything had to proper and they became to make everything sexual. Women were able to vote and publish things for themselves. As the book stated, women’s skirts were shorter along with their hair. Music also evolved to jazz where artist became more soulful while using more instruments. As photograph evolved...

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