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Fil-Cool Appliance: Working Your Way Here Essay

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Fil-Cool Appliance: Working Your Way Here

Alternative courses of action /Recommendation

Marketers in Fil-cool appliance must ensure that the business sells products that meet customer needs

and wants.

1. The role of Alfredo Fuentes as quality control supervisor is to ensure that the business actually

makes the required products in accordance with the plan. The role of product in production

and operation management therefore concerns areas such as:

- Performance

- Aesthetics

- Quality

- Reliability

- Quantity

- Production costs

- Delivery dates

2. To make PRODUCT, PLANT of some kind is needed. This will comprise the bulk of the fixed assets

of the business. Since Fuentes immediate concern was to incorporate all applicable advance

concepts of quality control, management must consider areas such as:

- Future demand (volume, timing)

- Design and layout of factory, equipment, offices

- Productivity and reliability of equipment

- Need for (and costs of) maintenance

- Heath and safety (particularly the operation of equipment)

- Environmental issues (e.g. creation of waste products)

3. There are many different ways of producing a product. Management must choose the best

process, or series of processes. They will consider:

- Available capacity

- Available skills

- Type of production

- Layout of plant and equipment

- Safety

- Production costs

- Maintenance requirements

4. The production PROGRAM concerns the dates and times of the products that are to be

produced and supplied to customers. The decisions made about program will be influenced by

factors such as:

- Purchasing patterns (e.g. lead time)

- Cash flow

- Need for / availability of storage

- Transportation

- Raw materials

5. Production depends on PEOPLE, whose skills, experience and motivation vary. Key people-
related decisions will consider the following areas:

- Wages and salaries


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