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Fht4 Task Essay

  • Submitted by: tina1650
  • on February 27, 2014
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I have decided to incorporate the Jigsaw method into a lesson about the ecosystem of the saltwater marsh. Implementing this lesson I would divide the class into groups of six. I have done this so each student will have a specific job in the group. Each group will consist of different genders, and level of learning abilities (Aronson, 2014).
First I would divide students into groups and assign each student a number 1 through 6. In doing this each student will have a different role in researching the ecosystem of the saltwater marsh. I   have assigned students who are number ones to research tides, number twos cord grass, number threes marsh burrows, number fours marsh hay, number fives gills and number sixes the marsh rabbit. I have also assigned the number sixes to be the group leader in each group. This is to ensure that everyone is working together and getting along. I have provided each group with material related to their topic. Each group will be required to give a presentation on what they have learned.
I would tell students they have 30 minutes to research and learn their topic.   By doing this it allows the student to work independently and actively involved researching their topic. Then when the time is up students will regroup into their topic of research, this is known as the expert group (Aronson, 2014). By doing this it allows the students to collaborate together and share ideas on what they have learned. I would give them time to go over the information by talking sharing and exchanging what they have learned for about 20 minutes. During this time I would walk around and observe what each group in doing. By doing this I want to make sure everyone is working together and sharing information.
When their time is up the students would return to their original groups. Each student then takes what they have learned from the expert group and shares that information within the original group. By doing it students don’t have the feeling that it is a...

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