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Observing Reactions to the Breaking of Social Norms

  1. I decided to break the social norm (unwritten) of not laughing unpredictably in unsuitable situations. I did this by laughing randomly during a quiet family meal and then during a family meal at my cousin’s house.
The reason I chose this is because of the fact that it does not cause distress but instead disrupts the situation.

  2. Before hand I thought that it would be quite easy but close to when I was going to act abnormally, I didn't want to do it as it would make me look a little silly, which would make my family see me in different way.

  3. No serious preparation was required but I did need to practice for a minute or so before to make sure I was going act in the way intended.

  4. Breaking the Social Norm

During the family meal, when it went quite, a laughed at a medium level so it was enough to get attention but not be too loud to cause distress or worry.

When I laughed during the first family meal, everyone at the table looked at me but only one person commented on my behaviour and smiled asking if I was ‘OK’, which I replied ‘yes’ (as if nothing had happened) and they laughed the situation off.

However, when I laughed during the second family meal, the family members that were at the first meal again asked if I was ‘OK’ and saying that it was the second time I had done that (laughing amongst each other) and began a conversation whether there was something wrong with me.

During the events I was thinking whether they would become determined whether there was a problem with me, which made me feel like what I was doing was not wroth carrying out.

  5. After it was over, I was thinking whether my family would actually think I had a mental illness or any other issue, which consequently made me feel slightly worried.
However, an hour or so after the meal I told my parents that it was all an observation of their reactions to abnormal behavior, to which they laughed and...

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