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Feudal Japan Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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Feudal Japan

Throughout the vast islands of Japan, there lived a civilization that sought meaning and order for their country. Thus, the feudal system was made. Even though the system had already been used around the world, this was Japans first successful system to raise and keep order in an empire. But for it to work other factors would have to come into use that would later on become essential in ruling Japan as one. Medieval Japanese society sought meaning and order in their chaotic life. The goal of the system was to keep peace and order, therefor they created religion and the gods who would watch over Japan.

There are two dominant religions in Japan: Buddhism and Shinto. Most Japanese follow traditions in both religions. Buddhism reached Japan in the 6th century and is derived from the teachings of the Buddha. Anyone who follows it’s rules leading to nirvana becomes a Buddha. Unlike Buddhism, Shintoism has no original creator, but it was first developed in medieval Japan. Shinto tradition holds that the human race is descended from "kami" who are spirits that inhabit the rocks, trees, and other natural elements of Japan, so all humans are tied to nature. These two religions help in keeping order because the people believed followed the ten fold path to nirvana. While the gods and Kami watched over them, they wouldn’t do anything bad and the people would pray for guidance from the gods, luck and enlightenment. overall, the two religions really help the society of Japan. The religions explained life and how everything was created along with hope and strength. There are no written rules to Shinto, and there is little organization of the faith, which makes it very flexible. While Buddhism is more orderly and strict it is also relatively flexible. Buddhists have temples and Shintoists have shrines. But even though the religions of Japan gave hope, strength and guidance to the society, It wouldn’t be complete with a government structure.

The government of...

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