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Femtocells Essay

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Advances in wireless technology have contributed to the improvement of cellular communication capability; from voice ONLY to high-speed wireless data transfers. This change was remarkably capitalized and realized with introduction of smartphones and other hand-held devices such as Apple iPhones. Mobile phones and other mobile devices with High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) increasingly require internet connection to fully optimize their functionality. With growing popularity of such mobile devices, demand for good network connectivity and higher data rate in wireless network will also increase exponentially. Interestingly, more than 90% of data services and about 66% of calls occur indoor (home or office) [1]. However, mobile service operators are unable to provide high quality of service (QoS) to subscribers as macrocells are unable to provide extensive network coverage due to unique topology, high-rise office buildings or even dense urban housing area. Many households and businesses suffer from poor indoor coverage mainly due to distance between user and base-stations.
Wireless network capacity has increased largely over last 40 years due to reduction in cell size and shorter transmission distance. Vikram Chandrasekhar and Jeffery G. Andrews briefly compared three methods (Femtocells, Distributed Antenna System and Microcells) in Femtocell Network: A Survey and provided an overview about the new technology called Femtocells [2]. These methods improve user experience mainly by reducing the distance between the base-stations and mobile users. This also helps in increase capacity as frequency reuse factor will increase (i.e. decrease in radius of cell will allow more cells within same spatial region). The main focus of this project is to highlight technical advantages of Femtocells as compared to other two methods to enhance user experience by providing better wireless indoor connection.
The scope of this interim report is to provide an...

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