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Federalist Paper

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  • on March 27, 2014
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As a kid you were always told and taught different sayings or lessons from different adults, they’ll tell the child “use your imagination”, or “express yourself without hurting others”, and the last one ”nothing in life is free.” That last saying always is a funny one because as a young child you believe everything in life was one big free party. You receive meals daily, you receive nice clothes, different gifts regularly, and you even attended school free. Soon as the child begins to come of age they realize that none it was free, and that it all came with a cost. Whether it was the parents paying for the meals and clothes from their work checks, or it was tax payer’s money from across the state that had paid for the kids to attend a public school. The number one thing in American society you can bank on being free though is your rights you received not from the Constitution but by God the creator.
Anit-federalism vs. federalism are one the most iconic arguments our country has ever seen. Dating back from the 1780s-1800s the two argued and petitioned for their perspective views on the constitution and American government. Federalism is a political concept in which the groups of members all come together by a covenant with all agreeing and believing in one common thing. The term "federalism" is also used to describe a particular system of government in which the constitution being divided into a central government dividing into several different political units. The federalists founding leaders were James Madison and Alexander Hamilton. Federalism is a system based on democratic principles and institutions in which the power in the country is shared between the national and state governments, creating a federation.   Anti-federalism is a movement that disagreed with the creation of a stronger U.S. central government and which later opposed signing the Constitution of 1787. The previous constitution, which was called the, “Articles of Confederation,” gave state...

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