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Fear of Height and How I Overcame It Essay

  • Submitted by: liduboy
  • on September 2, 2013
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I have a fear of heights, or rather I used to. Anything more than three stories high gave me a feeling of fuzziness; take me higher than eight floors and I got positively dizzy. My fear was as pervasive as crippling. I missed opportunities for mountain excursion; for fun and adventure in amusement parks; for quiet moonlit moments on the roof of my building. I even had to quit a job i loved because my eighteenth floor office made me uncomfortably dizzy every time I looked out the window.
Regretting these lost opportunities I resolved to overcome my fear. I rented a fifth floor apartment. I was uneasy the first month, concerned for a few months, and didn’t even notice the height thereafter. I travelled to mountainous areas every weekend, intentionally stopping by every lookout point. I took to biking; starting with the smallest hill for beginners, I worked my way up to more challenging slopes for intermediates. Periodically I visited the roof of my building.
About a year after my resolution, I made my biggest dare – I stepped in to the tallest building in an industrial area. I took the elevator to the top with a knot in my stomach. But when I stepped out, I couldn’t care less – the view was simply breathtaking and I realized instantly what I had missed so far.
Through my experience I have learned to be audacious and daring in confronting my fears. I have realized that there is always something to learn, some way to better myself; all it takes is openness and inclination. I have realized that there is much that one can achieve if there is the will to do so. To me, the tallest building in the industrial area was a testament to what effort can accomplish; a benchmark I have set for myself.

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