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Fdlo Essay

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As discussed on previous pages there are many factors that affect Tesco's and other businesses. These factors are so influencial that they cause Tesco's to change their activities.
The main Legal factor would be that no individual can work more than 39 hours on an average working week. This is the law. The way this could influence Tesco's activities is that Tesco may need to have a rota to share the working hours during the day and during the night shifts. This will allow no individual to work no more than 39 hours a week. If this was no law however Tesco's might not have a rota to keep track of who and how many hours they are working during a week. However the individual can work more than 39 hours if they do over time. They can sign away their rights. It can also influence how many people they take on with this statute because the less hours someone works the more employees Tesco's will need to fulfill the work load that needs completing throughout the average work week.The Rota scheme basically shows who is on a shift and how long they are actually working for during that shift. This allows the employees and employers to be aware of how many hours they/themselves are working.
The main social Factor would be the current poverty that is taking place within the world in places like Africa and other poverty struck places. This is because Tesco's have a charity that responds to peoples needs on places like Africa that need all the help they can get. If the poverty gets worse over weeks/months/years then Tesco's have to widen their response to how they can make an impact on poverty struck places. This could include advertisements that may ask for sponsorship money for charity events or even shoe box appeals that could be launched to give a child a better christmas just like "operation christmas child". The charity has to base it activities around the poverty that goes on throughout every day lives of third world countries. For example if there was no poverty or...

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