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Fats and Surgars Essay

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Fats and sugars
Hypothesis- Di water there is no sugars in water. 1% starch solution will not have sugar in it because it is something entirely different than sugar although they look the same. Onion juice I think will have sugar in it. 1% sucrose I think will definitely have sugar in it because it is sugar and although its weak it's still the same. and 10% sucrose   will have sugar and it will be a higher amount.
Testing for fats and sugars
Contents                       Results
1. Di water                   light Blue- no amount of sugar
2. Starch                       light Blue- no amount of sugar
3. 1% sucrose               light Blue/Green- Low amount of sugar present
4. 10% sucrose             Yellow- Low amount of sugar present
5. Onion juice               Dark Brown-High amount of sugar present
Conclusion-   Di water turned out how I thought it would. Starch of coarse tuned   blue because there was no sugar present. the 1% sucrose had a little bit of sugar in it because it was "watered down". 10% sucrose has more than the 1% but it's not too much more so the sugar amount present was still low. and lastly the onion juice was dark brown which contains the highest amount of sugar.
Testing fat
Hypothesis- I think that the Di water will not leave a residue because it is water and there is no fat content in it. The vegetable oil I think might leave a residue because it is already an oil and I think it has fat content. Lastly the evaporated milk I don't think will leave a oily residue because its evaporated and the milk content   could have been removed.
Contents                               results
1. Di water                           negative for fat
2. Vegetable oil                   positive for fat
3. Evaporated milk             positive for fat
Di water tested negative for fat which is what I thought would because it contains no fats in it.
the vegetable oil...

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