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Fate Essay

  • Submitted by: addisonm97
  • on September 3, 2013
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Merriam- Webster defines fate as “the will or principle or determining cause by which things in general are believed to come to be as they are or events to happen as they do.” This states that fate can over power over everything. No matter what you do you are not able to change your fate. Things such as the mind has been said to be stronger than anything and may over come every obstacle in its way. Every person has the ability to choose what they want to do in life making fate just an opinion. Everyone has their own choice which determines their life and what will happen in it called free will.
It is thought that fate is predestined. The higher authority above us had already determined the way we are to live, be born, and die. If this is to be true why the option of would a choice be available to us, wouldn’t the higher power want us to make good choices. Instead we have the ability to choose the wrong choice which can result in something bad, and the theory that “everything happens for a reason” doesn’t apply to fate unless we are destined to be a bad person as we can make bad choices. I don’t think that Ted Bundy’s fate was to become a serial killer it was his own free will and choices that did that to him.
If everything was planned out for us what would the point of trying o achieve something. There would be no point in trying to practice to get better at something because you are already predestined to win at it. No one would have a drive that they do to become the best and strive for greatness in life, life would ultimately be pointless. Trying to achieve something is half the battle of life. Having a fate would mean you don’t need to work at anything because you are going to end up doing something.

A part of living is the responsibility aspect of living; we are responsible either for a job, a family, or school. Responsibility is a big part of free will as you are choosing for yourself. There is nothing guiding you through everything. The choices...

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