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Fast Food Essay

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  • on March 17, 2012
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Fast Food

In this day and age, everyone wants everything as soon as possible. One big thing that people usually want as soon as possible is food. Everyone needs food in order to live; we even realized it as little babies when we would cry to our parents to be fed. Even then we didn’t like waiting for our food. Usually with food though, the quicker you get it, the unhealthier it is. Take fast food for example. Fast food is some of the unhealthiest food there is in this world. What is fast food? Fast food is basically that; Fast food. It is food that is prepared and served quickly. Usually the food is from a restaurant and is served to be taken out. What started out as a few hot dog and burger stands, is now a money hungry business with restaurants being put everywhere from stores such as Wal-Mart and K-mart, to places such as school and hospital cafeterias. Fast food has taken over the food industry.
The fast food experience started out in the 1940’s when cars were getting more and more popular. Restaurant owners saw the growing popularity of cars as an opportunity to make more money so they decided to make their restaurants into a place where people could eat without leaving their cars. Business for these restaurants was going good but the service wasn’t fast enough so by the time the food reached the car, it wasn’t really hot like it should be. Two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald, had one of these restaurants but they wanted to improve it by making it faster and cheaper for customers. To do this, they got machines and employees that made lots of just a few items. They made their restaurant into something like a car assembly line. There was a fryer where one person would make a bunch of burgers at once, and then the burgers would get “dressed” at the dressing station where another person would put all the condiments on it. There was another fryer where another employee would make the fries quickly and in bulk like the burgers. Then there was also a soda...

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