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Family Issues Essay

  • Submitted by: trobson
  • on August 28, 2013
  • Category: History
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Tanisha Robson

          Mixing of family business with family pleasure: Once was equal is now divided

  In this paper I would like to talk about why family should not do business with other family members. The mixing of business with pleasure in a family causes stress, hatred, and separation, what was once one whole family is now divided.

I have done research on 5 different families and I have realized that 4 out of the 5 was just like mines, that the power of money out-weighed the power of love.

Landlords that were kin to family members were all slumlords would come around to collect the rent, but wouldn’t come around to do any repairs that needed to be handled at the properties. Now this small problem developed into a big problem, causing arguing back and forth amongst each other, bringing other family members into situations, taking of sides and finally family members taking each other to court and family feuds’ begin.

Solution to the problem, if you know your family member has issues with money: warning signs, if you know that your family member living status is not the way he or she lives warning signs, you should expect the same landlord tenants rights even if its family involved.
1. Security deposit
2. A written lease
3. Fair landlord
4. Livable property

I know that family should help out each and be there for one another, but sometime it’s not worth losing time, sleep, money and most of all the love of family.

Business is Business!  

  1. Do you think family should rent from one another?
  2. Why do family relationships get ruined when money is involved?
  3. Should you take your family member to court?
  4. Should family members be treated as any other tenant?

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