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Family Is No Longer the Norm Essay

  • Submitted by: Mdavis3
  • on February 27, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Matthew Davis
Assess the view the Nuclear Family is
no longer the norm

A conventional nuclear family consists of a traditional family structure, husband, wife and one or more children living together under the same roof. The typical breadwinner is the man and the housewife is the woman. However in today’s society, a nuclear family is seen as one of many family types in modern day society. There are some sociologists that say the nuclear family is and should remain the norm, while others argue that society these days is simply too diverse to have only one type of family.
One of the major reasons for this is the significant increase in divorce rates. One in three marriages end in divorce, this all then leads to the lone-parent families or re-constructed families. A big increase for divorce may be due to the fact that these days women are a lot more independent than they were for example thirty or forty years ago. Women are much more likely to go into higher education, going to university and going into the same careers that men also go into. Furthermore, concentrating on education and careers first and marriage, children and all round family life much later on in life. The civil partnership act of 2005 allowed a new family type to be surfaced in society with more same- sex families and less judgement to homosexuals and other sexual types in the UK.   Diversity is now the norm as only 25% of households are nuclear. Many leave their families whether this is for work or just to mature and develop, this then leads to other types of families including the extended family, the beanpole, the lone-parent family, reconstituted family and the gay family. Murdock and Parsons, would argue that the nuclear family is the norm. The three different types of sociologists; functionalists, feminists and new right all have different views on the family and its main importance. Functionalists believe the function of the family is to socialise children, which in turn benefits...

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