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Family and Marriage Essay

  • Submitted by: Ssloan1
  • on June 23, 2014
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Steven Sloan

Marriage and Family

Samantha Smith

September 29, 2012

Essay #2

When involved in a relationship be it a friendship and romantic relationship there are certain behaviors you begin to expect. In any friendship I feel as though each person in the relationship should show respect and loyalty, and support. Honesty is really important to me I build my relationships on trust, and when friends are even partners are dishonest I feel as though that trust has been broken and the relationship has been damaged. The behaviors exhibited by friends are what help to establish the foundation of the relationship. A trustworthy loyal friend is a good friend. If you seem friendly with someone and they do not exhibit the behaviors or qualities you hold to a certain standard then they are really just an acquaintance.

In a romantic relationship you tend to expect more. I know I expect my wife to show love through her actions and words and it is big part of the intimacy we have established in our marriage. Physically expressing love through hugging and kissing is expected in a romantic relationship.   I want her to be supportive of me in my choices I make in my life as I feel I am with her. Intimacy is the foundation of our marriage and all the other aspects build off of that. Loyalty and kindness are expected as well. If two partners be it in a friendship or a romantic relationship show respect, supportiveness and loyalty then they is set up for a successful relationship.

Some behaviors and qualities I would not tolerate in relationships are negativity, and rudeness. If someone is always negative they cannot contribute to the relationship and be supportive. Their negativity can only attribute to your attitude about yourself and it could really bring you down. I feel as though if someone cannot help me to grow and become a better person and a better friend then they are not someone I want in my life.

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