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Fairy Tales Exposition Essay

  • Submitted by: WarMachine526
  • on March 19, 2012
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In the modern age, fairy tales are becoming an object of rarity; parents are wondering whether they should be telling their children these tales. This is because children of this era are becoming better suited for the future; not being told that they are always going to succeed in life. The need for fairy tales has been replaced with children being taught basic ethical sense, instead of being taught in the roundabout manner of a fairy tale. So the question is: should we really be sharing fairy tales with the younger generation?

Fairy tales set children up for failure. Whether they realise it or not, children who partake in the “joy” of fairy tales often have unrealistic expectations for life. Once you have found the man/woman of your dreams, do you just settle down and lead a peaceful life? No. Pure logic dictates that when you first get married, the pursuing years may be some of the most problematic of your life. Bills, working and trying to support a budding family eradicates any chance of peace after marriage. Whereas in fairy tales, the main character marries off, then lives the clichéd “happily ever after”. Our offspring should not be subject to this unhealthy attitude to life.

Have you ever had a child run into to the room at night, jump into your bed, and claim that they have had a terrible nightmare? If you have not, then you have missed out on a wonderful experience.   The witch, dragon or evil sorcerer that made a cameo in your child's dream didn't simply pop out of this young child's imagination. These phantasmagorical events in children's nightmares are the result of the telling of fairy tales. Take the witch, Maleficent, from the fairy tale   “Sleeping Beauty” for example. Possessing people, cursing a baby and turning into a dragon are just some of the dark powers she has obtained. Our children should not be forced to experience these traumatic nightmares.

Finally, the way the protagonists go about to achieve their objectives in life are...

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