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Exploring Cinema Essay

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  • on February 28, 2014
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Exploring English Cinema

Singing in the Rain
Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly filmed a musical film by the name of “Singing in the Rain”. This film is one of the great Hollywood musical which is the most representative works in that period. The theme of this film is a standard romantic comedy. However the plot of the movie does not look like cliché. The story has designed to emphasize a transition from the silent era to the sound era of Hollywood movie. Audiences can imagine that Donen and Kelly would like to deliver the change of the culture of film industry by using the contrast between the silence movie and the musical movie. Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly), Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen) and Kathy Selden (Debbie Reynolds) are introduced to represent the influential from the transition of the movie industry. Their careers have great change after the introduction of sound era of the movie industry.

Donen and Kelly show the tension between “old” Hollywood and “new” Hollywood in the Singing in the Rain. Monumental Pictures studio chief, R.F.Simpson (Millard Mitchell) decides to convert The Dueling Cavalier which acted by Don and Lina to a sound film. However, it creates a conflict between the transition of silent movie and sound movie which is the high points of the film during the filming of The Dueling Cavalier. The director does not know how to film sound movie. He has perplexed how to place that clunky microphone and how to let Lina to speak into a microphone. Even though the director repeats to give instruction to Lina to speak into microphone and attempts to move the microphone which hidden in a bush, the bosom of her dress and her shoulder so that receive the clear sound, she is unable to do that. Finally, the premiere of The Dueling Cavalier receives many bad reviews with its sound. This scene shows that the sound technology is immaturity and director and characters are incapable to adapt the change. There are no clear instructions and trainings to provide to...

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