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Explore The Dramatic Use Shakespeare Makes Of The Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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Explore the dramatic use Shakespeare makes of the “Gothic” in Macbeth.

Within “Macbeth”, Shakespeare makes use of the “gothic” in many different ways. “Gothic” can be defined into many different characteristics, but I believe the term “gothic” is referring to the supernatural elements within a text, also creating a dark and gloomy atmosphere for the audience. The “Gothic” genre was introduced into Literature two centuries after Macbeth was written, therefore as a modern day viewer of the play, we can only use the genre of “gothic” retrospectively. Shakespeare uses the elements of the supernatural to create tension and suspense for his audiences, using the characters of the three Witches and un-seen ghost’s. Shakespeare also makes use of the “gothic” by using ambiguous visions, seen only by certain characters.

At the beginning of “Macbeth”, the audience is immediately introduced to Shakespeare’s use of the “gothic” within the opening scene. The three estranged sisters meet on a heath on a stormy night, not essentially supernatural but very “gothic” in terms of the dark and frightening weather Shakespeare uses to set the scene for the “withered and wild” Witches. Their rhyming couplets and rhythmic lines portray the idea of incantation’s and spell-like language. The audience in Shakespearean times would have found this quite frightening, with the superstition of witches and the mysterious idea of the “unknown” being a lot more “real” than it is today. Although today’s audience would have not found this scene as “frightening” as a Shakespearian audience, Shakespeare’s use of pathetic fallacy would have still made the scene appear dark and eerie. Lady Macbeth has often been classed as a   “fourth witch”, with her prayer to evil and her often use of conjuring to the spirits, “Come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here”. This quote is almost as if she has been possessed by the news that Macbeth will become King. This adds to the “gothic”...

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