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Explain the Main Principles of Natural Law (25) Essay

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  • on February 26, 2014
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Natural law is the theory that an eternal, absolute moral law can be discovered by reason the belief that all laws and morality is constant throughout the universe and, regardless of where you are or what time zone you are in, morality stays constant. For example, murder is considered a wrongdoing in many different countries. Natural law is part of our human nature and contributes for the search of happiness and fulfilment. The reason such morality is remains constant is due to the fact that it was determined by G-d and thus cannot be changed.
In order to decide whether an act is 'right' or 'wrong', the primary precepts are used for any action or deed. These five precepts are: Self-preservation, continuation of the species, Worship god, live in society and education children. If any action was considered to fall under one of the precepts then it would be considered a moral deed. Primary precepts are fixed, fundamental, and are always true, applying to everybody without exception. They are a direct reflection of G-d's eternal law. The understanding, for this, is that our responsibility in life is to fulfil the wants of our creator and glorify him in the doing. Secondary precepts are dependent on our own judgement and are more likely to lead to wrong choices. The secondary precepts require experience, the use of reason and the exercise of wisdom. One may interpret the primary precepts in their own way which makes obeying g-d's rules more specific to each individual.
However this may be difficult in some cases due to the fact that one may initially do an act that is good, yet the result of which turns out bad. Natural law supports the idea that there are two types of good; Actual Good and Apparent. Real good is the right thing to do, an act that fits the human ideal. Apparent good is something which seems to be the correct way to act initially but does not consequently end in a good way. As all humans want to fulfil their purpose and we supposedly do so by carrying...

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