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Example of Sales Force Management - by a Senior Essay

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Sales Force Management
Sales force management is the analysis, planning, implementation and control of sales force activities. It includes the following –

Sales Force Structure
The company will have customer structure for its sales force. Such structures are used when separate sales force is needed for different industries so as to serve current customers vs finding new ones and for major accounts vs regular accounts. Example – Sony has a separate sale force structure to handle large organized retailers such as Croma, e-zone.
Our product will be sold via the following channels -
Type A Multi-brand retail chains, Category killers
Type B Mobile Stores, Multi-brand local watch stores
Type C Company Showrooms, Kiosks

The sales force can be divided into 2 parts –
B2B Type A, B
B2C Type C

Since smart watch is a technology product, the sales force will have to sell the technology and product’s features as compared to HMT watches which are sold for their durability and low prices.
Sales Force Size

Recruitment and Selection
Sales force for smart watches should have high technology acceptance. They should be able to handle bigger accounts such as Croma, lifestyle etc.
Performance Management
The performance of the sales force will be evaluated based on the following criteria -
1. Number of leads generated
2. Number of leads converted
3. Credit Management
Since it’s a new product the targets cannot be predicted and thus not included here.
Fixed component of total compensation of the sales force would be higher since the product is in its introductory phase. In this phase the uncertainty will be more and so the variable component cannot be too high. The company cannot hold the sales force responsible for low sales due to any external factors. In the growth or maturity stage, we can increase the variable component to drive in more sales.
Training and Development
Since this is a new product with a new approach to it, more...

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