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Evolution & Creationism Essay

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The recognition of evolution is a crucial part of the modern scientific explanation of the natural world. As time has progressed, many have adopted the theories that science has produced and incorporated it into their own beliefs. Up until the 1800’s, many had believed in the ideas of creationism, until Charles Darwin, one of the most famous scientists of all time, proposed the mechanism which brought about the Theory of Evolution – Natural Selection. The idea of evolution had already been present, but there was no means of proving it until Darwin cane up with the Theory of Natural Selection. Darwin’s theory had forever changed the way that we understand the origins and history of life on earth.
As religion was a more prominent part of people’s lives until the 1800’s, most people believed that the universe and life itself was formed by a supernatural being. It seemed reasonable to believe that the entire universe and the amazing, complex organisms that it contained were all in existence because of a benevolent deity. The view of the world was essentially static, in that it was believed that life and the universe was constant and would stay constant forever. In the 16th Century, James Ussher, an Anglican Archbishop of Armagh, concluded that the universe was only 6000 years old, after constructing a timeline from the Bible. During his time, debate had flourished on whether these calculations were correct. Dr. Charles Lightfoot of Cambridge University had the last word, and declared that the time of creation was 9:00 A.M. on October 23, 4004 BCE. The belief that the earth was only about 5800 years old at the time coincided nicely with the prevalent theory of the Great Chain of Being, in which it was said that God created an infinite and continuous set of life forms, grading on to the next from simplest to more complex forms including humans. This stated that all organisms were created in their present forms and had not changed, or “evolved”, at all since.

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