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Eudaimonia Essay

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  • on March 24, 2014
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The term “eudaimonia” comes from the Greek eudaimon, which mean happiness, flourishing well, doing well, and living well. It is a contented state of being happy, healthy, and prosperous used by Aristotle, the father of logic and reason. He insisted that every action performed by humans is to pursue happiness. Aristotle also discussed that human action is always considered something that is valuable. The value may not be viewed as a great action or any positive reward by others, but the positive thoughts of this action will be perceived as an agreeable action and that it will bring a favorable outcome on the action. Therefore, the concept of happiness, flourishing well, doing well, and living well are the central themes of the Eudaimonia existence.
Aristotle has defined happiness as an activity of the soul expressing complete virtue in a complete life (Irwin 1). Despite that, humans consider happiness as a number one priority to survive on earth. It seems like without happiness, nothing would have been working well for humanity. If I were to take an example I will choose job from the bible were he lost everything in on day and how he got everything back by staying happy and faithful to God. Happiness is when you conform yourself to be joyful and strong in every domain. Most of the time people often say money is the source of happiness, which is not true at all. For example, a person can be very wealthy but if that person is suffering from an incurable disease, the money cannot bring any sort of joy in a case like this. That is why happiness comes from people’s hearts, but not from the wealth you have because whether you have money or not you can still be happy. Aristotle Also mentions that happiness has a negative part to it. Aristotle explains that when you are ready to do anything to find happiness, you might injure the people that are close to you or yourself to be précised (19).that is why it is recommended to be in self-control when a person is...

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